About Us


In the year of 2009, Mohammad Alamgir founded CLARIDGE HOMES DEVELOPMENTS LTD. (CHDL). This was engaged in all sorts of housing and apartment. CHDLalready completed several housing and apartment projects in Dhaka city. In the year of 2011, this company got an offer to do a Retrofitting works (Dhaka Gausia Market Retrofit Project, Consultancy by BUET) as a Sub-contractor. It was a great opportunity for CHDL to gather experience in the Retrofitting field. Starting from that project CHDL successfully completed another 3(three) Retrofitting projects of Narshingdy Mosque, Marriot Hotel, and City Bank till 2013. In 2013 Mohammad Alamgir and two other partners established ‘Retrotech Associates Limited’ and that company was the ‘applicator & Distributor’ of BASF (World Largest Construction Chemical Company). After that Retrotech Associates Ltd completed 22 (Twenty-two) project in various places of Bangladesh.


In 2015, Mohammad Alamgir and Moin Chowdhury (Executive Director -Retrotech Associates Limited) with two other partners established IDOL ENGINEERING for the purpose of doing works of Retrofitting in large scale. Now a day, IDOL ENGINEERING in seriously involved in same big size Retrofitting project of RMG Sectors. Each project is managed by our team of highly experienced Engineers, Technicians, Management and manpower of other related fields. Many of our skilled workers/labors have already proved their reliability and dedication of quality workmanship.


Our primary goal will be the successful completion of your project keeping pace with your intent and needs, within your budget and time limit.


we emphasis on clear communication and following procedures which will ensure that client’s objectives are the top priority in every step of our planning and execution procedures of all our processes. Our team will be ready to serve you. We have the capacity to meet the requirements of any size project.

Our vision is to

♦   Create detail schedule and resources plan to meet client’s project objective,

♦   Communicate clearly with all project stakeholders,

♦   Track project progress and fine-tune deviations,

♦   Supervise closely on quality of work done,

♦   Complete the project on time.

[“IDOL maintains proper Documentation and Safety measure according to ALLIANCE/ACCORD Standard”]

We provide all kinds of Retrofitting works, like:

Concrete Jacketing: Using Micro-Concrete (High strength non-shrink concrete) or regular concrete to jacketing of RCC structural footing, column, and beam.

♦ CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) supply & application: CFRP Fabric used for Column, Beam.

♦ CFRP Plate/Laminate/Strip – Plate used for Re-strengthening of Beam & Slab.

Crack Repair: Repairing structural Crack at Foundation, Column, Beam or Slab Permanently. Using crack injection system, Increase concrete density and leak-proofing for cracks in Slab and Beam. Most advanced concrete crack repair products for permanent repairs of cracks, joints, and spells in indoor or outdoor concrete.

Grout: Non-shrink Grout Normally used in Foundation of vibratory machines, steel building column, base plate, turbine base plate etc. Water Proofing: Waterproofing of Basement & other concrete structures, Wet or moldy Basement, water storage and rooftop by using Membrane, Coating, plugging and Admixture.

Flooring (Various Color): Create hard top surface of the concrete floor. Reduce abrasion, increase impact load and create no dust environment. Especially Industrial floor, Car parking or Warehouse etc. Medium to Heavy Duty Industrial Floor, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital, Departmental store, School, Office, and Home or Apartment.