(Strengthening Building) Retrofitting is the modification of existing structure to make them more resistant due to Earthquake. Retrofitting is to keep your Building from being displaced from its foundation during an earthquake or any disaster. Existing Building need to be retrofitted because our understanding of the effects of earthquakes. As well as construction techniques have improved after the homes were built. We offer solutions using the most innovative, effective and affordable methods to Strengthening you’re Building.


# Concrete Jacketing: Using Micro-Concrete (High strength non shrink concrete) to jacketing of RCC structural column, beam.


# CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforce Polymer) supply & installation: CFRP Fabric used for Column, Beam.


#CFRP Plate/Laminate/Strip – PLATE Used for Re-strengthening of Beam & Slab


Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems are high-strength, lightweight reinforcement in the form of paperthin fabric sheets, thin laminates, or bars that are bonded to concrete members with epoxy adhesive to increase their load carrying capacity. After curing, the FRP composite will add capacity to the element because it has a tensile strength up to 10 times that of steel.